Saturdays and Sundays at Eastern Market in DC!

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Seeing in Fabric is the sewn fiber artwork of self-taught Washington DC artist, Jamie Langhoff. What at first appear to be paintings, are actually handmade entirely with just fabric, thread, scissors, and a 1968 Singer sewing machine. Finished artwork is stretched over a ready-to-hang canvas.

Each scene features many dozens of tiny hand-cut fabric pieces. Most of the fabrics she uses in her artwork are recycled--scrap, remnants and re-purposed clothing. Threadwork and stitching techniques are central to the realism and painterly aspects of Seeing in Fabric. By using a color palette of thread in over 200 different colors, but just 2 basic stitch types--straight stitch and zigzag--Jamie creates a multitude of "shading", "brushstroke" and "drawing" effects. 

While Jamie began her artistic endeavors as an oil painter, simply put, she didn't like waiting for the paint to dry, but loved the texture of thick paint. Instead, she harkened back to her mother's roots in sewing, remembering how much she also loved the textures of fabrics. So, she abandoned her paint brushes and began making scenes entirely out of fabric and thread. Since 2004, she has been creating her own unique style of fabric applique artwork, becoming increasingly detailed but still entirely handmade without the use of digital programming. Her focus on the juxtaposition of human architecture and technology against the natural environment reflects her philosophy of finding unexpected beauty in our modern world.